C.L. Decker

Author of the S.A.L.T. Novels – Seekers After Lost Treasure

Books by C.L. Decker and C.A. Scribner

Juliette's Van Gogh
SKU: 9780578613147

On the heels of the first SALT Adventure, The Templars’ Chalice, Ren Merit and his Singapore-based treasure-hunting team are back in France. This time, they’re searching for a Van Gogh painting that was hidden away for generations in a dusty attic in Arles. With suspects galore, the SALT team comes face to face with the underbelly of the art world and even brushes up against a dangerous Chinese gang in Paris.
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The Templars' Chalice
SKU: 978-0578419664

A robbery discovered in the Vatican and the Pope dispatches a team of art treasure hunters from Singapore (S.A.L.T.) to follow ancient clues to the Templars’ Chalice. Two murders lead to a chase through the south of France on a quest to prove the existence of the Chalice then to find and recover it ahead of a monster who would make it disappear again forever.
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