C.L. Decker

Author of the S.A.L.T. Novels – Seekers After Lost Treasure

Books by C.L. Decker and C.A. Scribner

Kruger's Choice
SKU: 978-0578591490

A Fortune in Gold... Ancient Maps... Deadly Terrorists...
To save a nation Ren Merit and his team are in a race to a trove of missing gold. From the wilds of South Africa to the streets of Antwerp violence and death are on their heels. But first, Ren must rescue one of his SALT family from the steamy jungles of the Golden Triangle...

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Juliette's Van Gogh
SKU: 9780578613147

On the heels of the first SALT Adventure, The Templars’ Chalice, Ren Merit and his Singapore-based treasure-hunting team are back in France. This time, they’re searching for a Van Gogh painting that was hidden away for generations in a dusty attic in Arles. With suspects galore, the SALT team comes face to face with the underbelly of the art world and even brushes up against a dangerous Chinese gang in Paris.
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The Templars' Chalice
SKU: 978-0578419664

A robbery discovered in the Vatican and the Pope dispatches a team of art treasure hunters from Singapore Seekers After Lost Treasure (SALT) to follow ancient clues to the Templars’ Chalice. Two murders lead to a chase through the south of France on a quest to prove the existence of the Chalice then to find and recover it ahead of a monster who would make it disappear again forever.
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