C.L. Decker

Author of the S.A.L.T. Novels – Seekers After Lost Treasure


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Carol and I produce a monthly newsletter to share stories about our newest book and tales about our adventures creating the art, characters, plots for both our 3 books and how and where we’ve worked through this creative, challenging and rewarding process.

Sedona, Kenya, Vancouver Island our characters … Ren, Alex, Kat, Harley, Drew … they’re always with us.

We promise to keep our newsletters fresh and we hope entertaining.

Please consider joining our mailing list if you haven’t already and share our website with friends and family. We’d love to have you write a review of either or all of our books on AMAZON or your favorite writers blog and tell us what you’ve enjoyed or what you wish we had done differently. It means a great deal to both of us.

With our thanks always for your precious time and attention,

Larry and Carol

C.L. Decker and C.A. Scribner