C.L. Decker

Author of the S.A.L.T. Novels – Seekers After Lost Treasure

Kruger's Choice

Kruger's Choice
A Seekers After Lost Treasure Adventure
By C.L. Decker & C.A. Scribner
Published by Shadow Rock Publishing LLC
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Ren Merit and his Singapore based team of treasure hunters must outrace a secret terrorist cell to a trove of gold missing for over a century—or it will be used to finance a civil war. As they decipher ancient treasure maps the team is led from the wilds of South Africa to the urban streets of Antwerp. The closer they get the more violent and deadly the confrontations with relentless predators old and new.

 But first, Ren must execute a very personal mission. In the steamy jungles of Asia’s opium-producing Golden Triangle, he must rescue a member of his SALT family with the help of former members of the Israeli Mossad and Shayetet 13.                                         

Above all, Ren must keep his SALT family—alive...

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What People Are Saying About Kruger’s Choice...

“A great mystery novel needs to engage the reader from the very beginning.  After a few pages into this one, I was caught with the proverbial “hook, line, and sinker!”  Another great read in the SALT trilogy adventure!  The authors’ style of interweaving three separate but connected adventures adds much to the reader’s interest. The story moves quickly, and the writing style is fluid which easily transports the reader into the pages. An overlay of the tenderness of human emotions on top of the adrenalin adds warmth and loveliness to the story. I especially liked the construct of historical fact with fictional adventure. It is illuminating and at the same time a great fun to read while comfortably relaxing in an easy chair albeit sometimes at the very edge.  I highly recommend this novel.”

Paperback; Ebook | 270 pages | 6 x 9 | 978-0578591490 | July 12, 2021