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Author of the S.A.L.T. Novels – Seekers After Lost Treasure

C.A. Scribner

Since leaving the business world behind, Carol has produced pro-bono documentaries, curated art exhibitions, studied drawing, traveled the world extensively exploring the far reaches of our planet capturing images of extraordinary people who live in exotic corners of the world in very ordinary moments of their lives. These moments mirror those most ordinary yet meaningful moments in our own lives…our work, raising children, practicing our faith, creating our homes. Many of these images, along with images of precious artifacts collected in her travels, have been combined with her prose and poetry into a powerful celebration of life in ten remote corners of the world in a book now out of print entitled To Life…in the Small Corners. Award winning CNN Anchor Bernard Shaw closed the book’s Forward with, The book confirms that in my nearly four decades of news reporting from the world capitals, I missed the best story…the story of the human family “in the small corners.” Angela Beckwith and Angela Fisher, photographers and writers who have produced award winning photographic books, films and a National Geographic feature article, described To Life in the Small Corners as a tour de force.

Together Carol Scribner and Larry Decker helped the late Irma Turtle found and fund an international foundation that among its many missions built village wells, funded schools, provided small start-up loans to men and women, sponsored educational opportunities for high school and beyond, life-saving and life-sparing surgical procedures and created unique mobile medical clinics for tribal peoples in Africa. C.L. Decker also served as Medical Director and C.A. Scribner wrote and produced a documentary to share with the world the story of TURTLEWILL.

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