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JULIETTE'S VAN GOGH: A Seekers After Lost Treasure Adventure

Juliette's Van Gogh

Juliette's Van Gogh
A Seekers After Lost Treasure Adventure
By C.L. Decker & C.A. Scribner
Published by Shadow Rock Publishing LLC
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On the heels of the first SALT Adventure, The Templars’ Chalice, Ren Merit and his Singapore-based treasure-hunting team are back in France. This time, they’re searching for a Van Gogh painting that was hidden away for generations in a dusty attic in Arles.

With suspects galore, the SALT team comes face to face with the underbelly of the art world and even brushes up against a dangerous Chinese gang in Paris. From Paris to Arles, and Amsterdam and even in Ipoh, Malaysia, the SALT crew face frustration, dead ends, and dead bodies, and navigate new relationships that can sometimes seem just as frightening.

Alex and Ren are witnesses to an execution and count on Harley’s training to help them survive the ordeal. SALT’S research guru, Drew, leaves Singapore to play an active role in the search. In the jungles of Malaysia, he uncovers a shocking surprise for everyone. It’s going to be hard to stick him back in his Singapore office after this adventure.

Shiloh is back again, this time with her own assignment in Prague. Intent on proving herself to Ren and the team.

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What People Are Saying about Juliette’s Van Gogh…

5 Star Reviews on Amazon Books:

"Decker, once again, shows the reader his vast knowledge of art and the art world. You taste the wine and food that throughout his world travels, Decker has experienced. His love of traveling and meeting people of the world adds to his description of people and places in this exciting and informative story. This is a book for all to learn and enjoy."
Joseph Montedonico, Sedona, AZ

"A must read. Few books I have read recently pull all aspects of a good story together like Juliette’s Van Gogh. The plot follows through from beginning to end; the character development provides a sense of real people; the story line has no dead spots but instead flows throughout the book; the description of cities, hotels and restaurants allows one to fully experience them vicariously; and, it is a truly enjoyable book to read. I can state without equivocation that you won’t want to put it down. I look forward to the next chapter in the SALT adventures."
Dean, Cincinnati, OH

"This is the authors' second SALT novel, and I find it even more riveting than the first. It is well structured with an interplay of two separate mystery adventures, nuances of tender romance, fine dining, art history and philosophy. The authors' expertise in these categories shines through. Well written! A lovely fluid read!"
Hans Churchill, Marana, AZ

Paperback | 258 pages | 9780578613147 | December 3, 2019