C.L. Decker

Author of the S.A.L.T. Novels – Seekers After Lost Treasure

The Templars' Chalice: A Seekers After Lost Treasure Adventure

The Templars' Chalice

The Templars' Chalice
A Seekers After Lost Treasure Adventure
By C.L. Decker
Published by Shadow Rock Publishing
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A robbery discovered in the Vatican and the Pope dispatches a team of art treasure hunters from Singapore (S.A.L.T.) to follow ancient clues to the Templars’ Chalice. Two murders lead to a chase through the south of France on a quest to prove the existence of the Chalice then to find and recover it ahead of a monster who would make it disappear again forever.

French born Oxford educated Ren Merit, heads a Singapore-based team of international treasure hunting experts with a winning track record in the recovery of priceless art. Two execution-style murders in Rome following the theft of an ancient document with Knights Templar origins have the team on high alert, With the Vatican as their client, Ren’s team races across Europe’s breathtaking landscape as they discover, decode, and follow arcane clues they hope will lead to a chalice connected to the Knights Templar. But their mission and lives are threatened at every turn by ruthless agents hired by an unscrupulous German arms dealer determined to add the treasure to his secret art collection — at any cost.

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5 Star Reviews on Amazon Books:

“You are on the edge with the team from S.A.L.T., seeking to find the Templars” Chalice before the evil and violent competitor …”
Joe Montedonico, Sedona, AZ

“A real page turner. Could not put it down and read it in only a couple of days …”
Pete Blowers, Matthews, NC

“Readers who love the Templars, European countries and their art, wine, food and mysteries are going to enjoy this book …”
Caruca Morales Nussa, Newark, NJ

“If you enjoy mystery, history, adventure, intrigue, international travel, with a  splash of romance you’ll enjoy this book. A great read on a chilly night, on a long plane ride or just plain good entertainment."
C. Scribner, Sedona, AZ

Additional Reviews:

The Templers’ Chalice took me on an exciting journey – a great combination of mystery, drama, and suspense set in Europe… a great read but be warned – once you pick it up it is difficult to put it down. “
Eugenie Drakes, Saxonwold, South Africa

“Brilliant from beginning to end with a riveting story. Loved it! Must have required lots of research and imagination at the same time. Congratulations!”
Maria Trivyza, Athens, Greece

“A fantastic book! It’s an exciting, thrilling adventure that takes you throughout Europe. The historic development of the story educates and entertains simultaneously. The inclusion of foods and wines adds a tasty twist to the story. And we all know, SALT is a good addition to our lives".
Joan Dwyer, Prescott, AZ

"This is a great first novel from this author.The meticulous research in France and Italy, make this story stand out, I really wanted to see these places myself, and the code too was well thought out and plausible. The characters were well drawn and I look forward to meeting them all again soon.”
Kath Abbott, Newcastle upon Tyne, England & Kardamyli, Greece

“I especially enjoyed that this book tells you about facts in a fictional way that takes you to places without having to travel. It makes you want to know more about the art, and history of these places and makes you wonder how many treasures could be misplaced or have never been found. The writer uses his own way not to lose the reader’s attention. The fact that he used words that are easy to understand is a plus for me since English is my second language".
Yohannes Assefa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopa

Paperback; Ebook | 248 pages | 978-0578419664 | December 12, 2018